Benalla Market Policies

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Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Sow it”

The Market is organized and managed by the Rotary and Lions Clubs of Benalla.

Policy & Conditions

  1. Policy of the Benalla Lakeside Craft & Farmers’ Market

 This policy applies to existing stallholders, new applicants and market users and is designed to maintain the authenticy, safety and long term sustainability of the Benalla Market. The Market and its policies have evolved since the inception of the Market in 1994 and are regularly updated. The Committee regularly reviews and updates this policy, removing any anomalies. It is the responsibility of stallholders to be familiar with this policy.
Management of the Market

The Market is a NON profit community organisation and all funds are dispersed to the Benalla community in accordance the Market Mission Statement. All members of the committee are volunteers.

  1. Market Dates

 The Benalla Market is held every fourth Saturday of the month from 9am until 1pm.

  1. Mission Statement and objectives of the BLC&FM

The Mission Statement of the Benalla Farmers’ Market is as follows:-

  • To stimulate tourism activity for  Benalla for all sectors of the community
  • To establish a regular monthly market involving the retail sector of the town
  • To advance economic, tourism, social & leisure needs of the entire Benalla Community.

The theme of the Benalla Lakeside Farmers’ Market is:

                     Make it, Bake it, Grow it, Sow it

 This theme aims to support stallholders who make all or the majority of the products they sell. Limited opportunities are provided for stall holders to sell manufactured and second hand products.

  1. Behaviour

Aggressive, threatening, violent, bullying or offensive behaviour towards visitors to the Market or the volunteers assisting at the Market by stall holders will not be tolerated in any circumstances and stall holders behaving in this manner will be directed to cease trading and leave the Market site. Stall holders behaving in this manner will be not permitted to trade at the market in the future.

The Market supports all Government initiatives to stop violent behaviour in the community.

Remember: All the committee members and those assisting at the market are volunteers.

 Community Groups

 The Market supports bona fide community groups and organisations by providing a “site” free of charge. However if they cannot provide a current copy of their insurance, a small fee will be charged to utilise the Market public liability insurance.

 Stallholder Information

A stallholder is defined as an individual or group who has applied for and been accepted for an opportunity to trade at the Benalla Lakeside Craft & Farmers’ Market. Stallholders are designated a site and where possible that site will be permanent. However the Market Committee reserves the right to change without warning the stallholders designated site due to but not exclusive to late arrivals of stall holders attending the market, due to the failure of the stall holder providing information or confirmation of attendance at the Market.

Stallholders attending the Market are required to arrive no later than 7.30am and to be set up at their designated site no later than 8am.

Stallholders are to remain at their designated site until 1pm and no vehicles are to move within these times unless agreed upon in consultation with the Market Committee.

The Market is open to the community from 9am until 1pm and stall holders are to leave the site as they found it and must be vacated by 3pm.

 All Stallholders must fill in a “Stallholder Application Form”

 Allocation of sites to all Stallholders (including permanents) is totally at the discretion of the Market Committee and can change at any time.

  1. Products offered for sale at the Benalla Market

 Once a stallholder secures a Market site they must not add or change the type of product/s offered for sale at the site from those detailed in their application to become a stallholder, unless by prior approval of the market committee.

If a stallholder wishes to change or add a product/s to their stall they must notify the Market committee in writing prior to the market and where necessary provide a photo of this/these products.  The stall holder will be notified by phone, email or in person on whether their application to change or add is successful.

  1. Insurance

 All stall holders including Community Groups and Organisations must have the appropriate Liability Insurance. A current copy must be provided to the committee in order to trade on market day.

Stall holders without their own Public Liability Insurance must pay an additional fee in conjunction with the site fee in order to be covered by the Market umbrella public liability insurance.

In addition, food/wine sellers must have product insurance, which is not provided by the Market. Food sellers must also have the appropriate registrations through their local council including the event being registered on Streatrader

In addition Wine Stalls must have & display the appropriate Liquor License Permit/s – pursuant to the Liquor Control Reform Act.

  1. Site fees and Site size

Stallholder fees must pay by cash on the day of the Market and a receipt will be given. Committee members will attend all stalls to facilitate the collection of site fees or stallholders can make payment at the committee table generally located near the public conveniences. The minimum site size is 4 metres (1 site) but this can be increased to 6 metres or the maximum of 8 metres (2 sites).

Site fees for 2018 – are 4 metre site (standard size) -$20 . If you do not have public liability insurance and are a food seller then the cost is $30 to operate off the Market public liability insurance. Important: you must bring and produce a copy of your liability insurance on the day otherwise you will  not be permitted to trade.

Site fee for a 6 metre site is $30 (insurance remains the same as above)

Site fee for 8 metre site (maximum) $40 (insurance remains the same as above)

  1. Site Area

 Stall holders must provide their own covers and stall holder set up which must adhere to a presentable standard.

  • All stall holder equipment including racks, tables, signage etc must be contained within the site boundaries. Laneways are required to be kept clear and accessible for emergency vehicles and persons with disabilities. Stall holders must not encroach on boundary lines.
  • Tents, covers and stall equipment must be erected securely and weighted or secured at all times.
  • All stall holder equipment must be in good repair and operated in a safe manner.
  1. Electricity, Gas and Total Fire Ban Days

 The use of electricity at the Market is only allowable with the prior permission of the Market committee; this applies to the use of mains electricity. It is the responsibility of all stall holders to ensure that all electrical equipment is tested and tagged by a qualified electrician. Extension cords must be off the ground and suitably protected from physical damage.

It is the responsibility of the stallholder that has Liquid Petroleum GAS (LPG) and/or appliances to complete and comply with a gas safety check list. The document must be available at each stall at each market and presented on request by a committee member.

Stall holders using a source of heat must have an appropriate fire extinguisher on site at all times and must have a Total Fire Ban exemption issued by the CFA, with this permit displayed at their stall on Total fire Ban Days.

  1. Tables and Chairs

 The Market has a limited number of tables and chairs, these are provided for persons patronising the Market on a first serve basis, and they are not for the use of stallholders.

  1. Waste and Rubbish Removal

 All stallholders must take their rubbish with them and leave the site clean. The bins provided are for the use of market patrons.

  1. Vehicles

All vehicles except those approved by the Market Committee must be removed from the stall site no later than 8am.

Stallholders must remove their vehicle prior to setting up their stall. We ask stallholders be considerate of others and NOT block traffic movement within the grounds.

No vehicle movement will be permitted between 8am and 1pm.

In the event of an emergency, the Market committee is to be notified to provide a safe escort for the vehicle.

Vehicles MUST be restricted to maximum speed of walking pace (@ 5 kph) in the market and parking areas to provide a safe environment for everyone.

  1. Sale and Subletting stall sites

 Sale or subletting of sites is NOT permitted by the Market.

  1. Smoking at the Market

Visitors and stallholders are discouraged from smoking at the market and must not smoke within 10 metres of a food outlet.

  1. Wet Weather / Exceptional Circumstances

 The Market is held rain, hail, and shine throughout the year. If exceptional circumstances arise that require the market to be cancelled an announcement will be made by the committee and if possible prior to the market by utilising the media. In some circumstances site fees will be adjusted at the discretion of the Market committee. However those stall holders using the Market Liability Insurance will still be asked to pay the insurance component only.

  1. Sustainability

 The Benalla Market supports environmental sustainability and encourages all stallholders to use recycling packaging. Additionally, recycling of market waste by patrons to the market and minimising the use of plastic bags by stall holders is strongly encouraged.

  1.  Spruiking

 Spruiking is NOT permitted at the market. Should spruiking occur a verbal warning will be given to the offender Subsequent incidents may result in the termination of the stall holders right to trade at the market.

20.  Grievances

 Each stallholder, or patron, is encouraged  to have any complaint or dispute they may have regarding the Market or its committee resolved initially verbally with a committee member at the market then if necessary in writing. If correspondence is required it should include the nature of the grievance, giving specific details or examples where possible. If a written complaint is received, the initiator will be notified in writing of the outcome.

21.    Communication of Market Policies and Feedback

 Any changes to the Market policy will be posted on the Benalla Market web site. It is the responsibility of the stall holder to become familiar with this policy document.

The Benalla Farmers’ Market committee encourages stall holders and the community in general to bring ideas of how to improve the Market. Communications should be in writing and addressed to the committee.   

22.   Dogs

The Benalla Market site is a public place pursuant to the Summary Offences Act 5045. The usual rules and regulations of the Benalla Rural City Council in relation to dogs apply. However, stallholders and patrons are encouraged not to bring dogs to the market.

Click here to download as PDF  Download Policy


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